Home Entertainment Trends: Alejandra Baigorria after being caught kissing Said Palao: “We are

Trends: Alejandra Baigorria after being caught kissing Said Palao: “We are


Alejandra Baigorria broke her silence after the program “Magaly TV: La Firme” released some images in which she appears kissing Said Palao, her partner in the reality show “Esto es Guerra” and who was a partner Macarena Vélez, one of her most close friends.

The businesswoman did not hesitate to respond to Rodrigo González, ‘Peluchín’, who through a private message on Instagram, He asked him about his relationship with his partner in “This is War.”

“Ale tell us, how is everything going with Said? Chape of 28 no more or they are still seen in an ‘outgoing’ plan… We like to see you happy ”, was the question asked by the ex-driver of “Válgame”.

Faced with the question and with nothing to hide, The popular ‘Rubia de Gamarra’ answered in the most sincere way possible: “Thank you … We are getting to know each other.”

Rodrigo González, ‘Peluchín’, shows what Alejandra Baigorria answered about the relationship she has with Said Palao. (Photo: Capture)

The images of the ‘ampay’ of Alejandra Baigorria and Said Palao, issued last Wednesday, July 29, were recorded a day earlier, during a meeting for National Holidays that several reality boys attended.

As it could be seen in the images, the “warriors” were very affectionate and on more than one occasion they kissed in front of the other guests.

Alejandra Baigorria is caught kissing with Said Palao. (Video: ATV)

Alejandra Baigorria has been romantically linked in recent months with Mayor George Forsyth and with his partner Mario Irivarren, but he never made a formal relationship with any of them.

For his part, Said Palao had a fairly long love story with the model Macarena Vélez, Former member of “This is war”, but their romance ended definitively in 2019 after going back and forth.


Macarena Vélez would have ended his friendship with Alejandra Baigorria after ampay with Said Palao

Alejandra Baigorria and Macarena Vélez would have ended their friendship after ampay. (Magaly TV, La Firme /



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