Tom Cruise shocked the fans with his appearance. Experts said what happened to him

Tom Cruise (59) surprised fans with his appearance. The famous actor went to a baseball game in San Francisco on Saturday and his photos immediately flew around the world. Many debated whether Cruise was really hiding beneath their puffy faces, while others speculated that the actor would not have fillings in his face.

The famous actor Tom Cruise went to a baseball game with his adoptive son Connor (26) and immediately attracted all the attention. As his photos traveled around the world, fans began to address what was happening to their beloved idol.

Some didn’t even know the Hollywood star at first. “It’s not Tom Cruise,” one of the fans wrote on Twitter. The actor attracted mainly with his puffy faces. People also speculate that Cruise would not have his faces filled. “What’s wrong with his face? Another star who can’t grow old?” added another on social networks.

Many fans also fear that Tom could be seriously ill. Others attribute his current appearance to aging, and some think he is making a new film. According to experts, the cause of the new look of the popular star is quite clear. “Tom seems to have indulged in excessive anti-wrinkle and skin fillers, which has had an adverse effect on his appearance,” she said. Daily Mail doctor Nyla Raja.

“Tom’s cheeks look tense and bloated because a large number of fillers have probably been placed in this area. There is an effort to prevent aging, the fillings have smoothed the skin and lifted the middle part of the face,” another doctor explained.

In addition, experts claim that Cruis lacks a few mimic wrinkles from laughter around his eyes, which only proves the presence of fillers.

However, the actor is probably not the only one trying to delay aging. Significant aesthetic adjustments are also mentioned in the pop queen Madonna (63). According to many, there is also a large number of hits on her face.

“When we look at Madonna’s face, we don’t see any wrinkles, so we can definitely say that she used a lot of botox, as well as that she opted for an immediate facelift or had her eyebrows raised,” concluded doctor Gabriella Birley.

Actor Tom Cruise shot in Prague. Watch the report:



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