three criteria for accessing a simplified authorization

The Minister of Agriculture puts in consultation, from February 15 to March 8, 2021, draft stop approving specifications for the marketing and use of certain natural preparations of low concern (PNPP). It relates to PNPP composed of natural substances for biostimulating use resulting from consumable parts of plants used in animal or human food. The Egalim law of 2018 established a simplified authorization procedure for these consumable herbal preparations, exempting them from evaluation when they comply with a specification.

The specifications define three cumulative criteria for the conformity of these PNPPs. Substances of plant origin must be derived from consumable parts of plants used in animal or human nutrition, they must present a biostimulating effect recognized by ancestral knowledge or tay by tests and they must be obtained by a process accessible to any end user. . The Rural Code considers accessible, procedures providing forlack of treatment or a treatment based exclusively on manual, mechanical or gravitational means, dissolution in water or in alcohol, flotation, extraction with water or alcohol, steam distillation or heating only for eliminate the water .

The specifications also set several restrictions on the use of these PNPPs. Products containing essential oils should not be applied within five meters of a water point (and 20 meters in arboriculture and hop cultivation). They should not be applied in the presence of pollinating insects and / or helpers. Fermented products should not be used by people who are immunocompromised or undergoing immunosuppressive therapy. Finally, products resulting from non-thermal processes must not be used within three days of harvest.

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Article published on February 17, 2021


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