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An isometric strategy game co-developed by Tindalos Interactive and Focus Entertainment, the Aliens: Dark Descent finally showed up as we moved, we got a little taste of the game at the recent Disney & Marvel Games Showcase event.-

The Alienes program promises to be a huge single player experience, in his team shooter, you will have to control a team of marinesin the course of history we will have to repel the invasion of xenomorphs.

We will have a wide selection of weapons and tools at our disposal and we will be able to witness intense and tactical battles from a bird’s eye perspective. Instead of claustrophobic horror, the game will evoke the atmosphere of the second Alien movie, The Name of the Planet: Death.

We will have to overcome various missions, there will be some that we will face in 20 minutes and of course some missions that will take up to an hour. The Aliens: Dark Descent will arrive next year on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S platforms, we think it will be a must buy for Alien fans.

You can watch the short video here, it starts at 9:40 am Aliens: Dark Descent trailer, we’ve included the short gameplay for you in a separate video:

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