The designer fantasizes over five spades of Samsung. Let’s go soon


The author of one form of the top Samsung Galaxy S23 series is the Indian graphic designer Parvez Khan, who performs under the pseudonym Technizo Concept. There is not a new novelty in this field, a number of different smartphone designs have been introduced. The appearance of the current Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, when more than three months before its official premiere was not far from the truth at the base (see more New series hit: What will samsung look like in the end?).

The concept of its successor, the Galaxy S23 Ultra model, is a must-carry bag with a large margin. Nothing is known about this upcoming generation yet, Samsung is now focusing on the new generation of its Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip folding models, which logically concern today’s contemporaries. In the case of the latter, even photographs of the real device even entered the world (see more Samsung did not search for a new folder again. Spicy is a photo with a sticker).

According to Khan, Samsung will continue to have a different design for the upcoming top model Ultra compared to the rest of the Galaxy S23 series. He thus inserted the rear photo assembly of the future ultry into a practically square module protruding above the level of the back. It is equipped with these images, including both 200Mpix.

Samsung ho introduced her last year vz and it was originally speculated that it might be available on the Galaxy S22 Ultra. In the end, it will be used first by the competition, with the top Samsungs (or an improved version) appearing in the next year (for more see Samsung has 200Mpix fok, but two competitors).

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