The British epidemiologist violated the regime of self-isolation because of a woman and quit: Society: World:

British epidemiologist Neil Ferguson resigned from the government’s science council after breaking his self-isolation regime. This was reported by The Daily Telegraph.

It was on his recommendation that quarantine was introduced in the country, but Ferguson would no longer advise London. He resigned after breaking the rule of social distance for the sake of meeting with a woman.

Ferguson will no longer advise the British government, as he violated the rules of social distance. According to the newspaper, he met a woman in his house. It is noted that she lives in a neighboring house with her husband and children and came to visit Ferguson, violating the quarantine rules.

A group led by Ferguson has published the COVID-19 pandemic development model. Scientists predicted that soft restrictive measures in the UK will lead to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, after which the country’s authorities imposed strict quarantine.

March 23, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the introduction of universal quarantine in the country. The British are allowed to go out on just a few occasions. These include the purchase of essential goods, sports once a day, medical needs and a trip to work. The country also has a ban on gatherings by groups of more than two people.

According to recent data, in the UK more than 196.2 thousand infected with coronavirus. 29.5 thousand people died, and 926 people recovered.

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