The 10-time Wimbledon champion suffered a heart attack. I warn you: don’t do it Tennis

Tood Woodbridge began his tennis career in 1988. The Australian has two tournament wins to his credit. ATP, and in the world rankings it was in 19th place (1997). The 51-year-old looked much better in the doubles. Former tennis player won 16 Grand Slam titles and won the zloty medal the 1996 Atlanta Olympics with Mark Woodford. In total, he has won 83 tournaments in game doubles and was the leader of the world rankings of doubles players.

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The multi-champion of the Grand Slam asks for medical assistance. “You have to do it not just for yourself”

Woodbridge ended his career in 2005 and five years later was admitted to the International Tennis Hall of Fame. Recently, the world learned that the doubles player suffered a heart attack. This took place on Thursday 6 October during training at home.

The former athlete recounted his experience in an interview with Wide World of Sports. – I did some warm-up, started lifting weights and suddenly felt sick. I thought it was result training, but the symptoms would not go away. It wasn’t pain, it was like strong pressure. It started spreading over my chest. I was short of breath, I was sweating, I had a nausea that made me turn pale. She (tennis player Natasha’s wife) wanted to call an ambulance, but we went straight to our local hospital instead. I knew it was no small thing. It was a long enough episode for me to realize that I had to go to the hospital. Thirty minutes later I was fine, but my blood test showed I had a mild heart attack, the 51-year-old said.

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– I think many people will think that everything will be fine. Don’t do this, for God’s sake. Many people would ignore these symptoms. Don’t do it, you have to face it, Woodbridge added. The ten-time Wimbledon doubles winner revealed that she ignored the fact that his family had cholesterol problems. He himself was not in control of the matter, which contributed to the heart attack.

Based on his own experience, the Australian has appealed to other people. – The message is that you don’t put off what you had to do. One day becomes a week which becomes a month, then six months, and before you know it a year has passed and you have not done what you had to do for your health. The most important thing to remember is that you need to do this not only for yourself, but for your family and friends as well. It will be difficult for them if something happens to you – said the former tennis player.

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