“Remembrance work remains to be done in Poland”

INTERVIEW – The Polish-Canadian historian and professor at the University of Ottawa is a son of Holocaust survivors. He appealed against a conviction at first instance for defamation after the publication of a collective work Further on, it’s still night. LE FIGARO. – Does the museum of the memory of the inhabitants of the lands […]

Holocaust film: What is the meaning of the “Shoah” today? | NDR.de

Status: 01/26/2021 12:42 p.m. “Shoah”, Claude Lanzmann’s ten-hour documentary about the Holocaust, is now available online for the first time. NDR Kultur film critic Katja Nicodemus thinks that the film has not lost its importance even 36 years after it was released. “Shoah “is a film about a crime against humanity that cannot be put […]