Shots in Idaho: sixth grader shoots at US school – Panorama

The Rigby Middle School in Idaho / USA becomes a crime scene of gun violence. Photo: dpa / Natalie Behring At a school in Idaho, a sixth grader pulls a handgun from her backpack and opens fire on classmates and teachers. Three people are injured. Rigby / Idaho – According to police reports, a sixth […]

When will Pfizer apply more vaccines in Bogotá? | Vaccination today – Bogotá

After the green light of the National Government, Bogota the massive application of booster dose against him covid-19 for health personnel. From this Wednesday, the District Secretary of Health began to activate vaccination posts in 21 health institutions and in five massive concentration points: -Plaza de los Artesanos-Hacienda Santa Bárbara -Metrópolis Shopping Center-Our Bogotá Shopping […]

what is lymphedema, a condition that is not limited to breast cancer

Lymph is a fluid that contains white blood cells, the “soldiers” of the immune system that defend the body from germs. But when the lymphatic system is damaged or blocked, that liquid accumulates, generating inflammation, heaviness and pain in different soft tissues of the body. Lymphedema is a common condition in those undergoing specific treatments […]

Why don’t Barça players kneel against racism?

BarcelonaAt Premier League matches, players kneel to denounce racism. They also do it in international competitions. In the last Tottenham-Vitesse, the players of the Dutch team did too. The gesture, born in American sports when especially basketball players understood that as citizens they had the right to say theirs against the crimes committed by police […]

No wonder Nikita Mirzani is living in luxury, I didn’t expect it – Sexy actress Nikita Mirzani is known as one of the celebrities who have a luxurious life. Nikita Mirzani’s wealth was even said to have reached trillions. This is inseparable from the income that Nikita gets from various sources. READ ALSO: Did not expect Nikita Mirzani’s true nature to be revealed, shocking One of […]

Zoya Amirin’s Tips Are Really Bold, Men Won’t Come Out Quickly – Clinical sexologist Zoya Amirin M.Psi.,FIAS got a question from a man who complained that he quickly left when playing love with his wife. It is known that the man and his partner are in a long-distance relationship and rarely meet to let go. He specifically answered the man’s question in the educational video […]

Interview with Laura Vidal about the mourning for the death of an animal

It tends to be downplayed, but the death of a companion animal can cause a deep emptiness for those who suffer it Laura Vidal brings together in this book her experience as an animal pain manager, “to help those who are going through this trance” The pain that Laura Vidal felt when losing her animals […]