View of the flu and other respiratory viruses in corona time

De Bilt Starting this week, RIVM National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, GGD Municipal Health Service Amsterdam, Amsterdam UMC University Medical Center, GGD Utrecht region and Utrecht UMC will randomly examine throat and nose samples from the GGD test streets for the flu virus and other respiratory viruses such as RS respiratory. syncytial […]

Mother, these 5 cold medicines are safe to consume when pregnant

Jakarta – Having the flu during pregnancy is certainly annoying and uncomfortable. Mother also has difficulty consuming flu medicine for fear that it will adversely affect the content. Don’t worry, it turns out that there are drugs that are safe to use to treat flu in pregnant women. Then what are the cold medicines for […]

Warning: ‘Severe flu season is looming, especially for…

Although flu cases in Europe are still low, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) sees signs that a ‘heavy flu season’ is approaching. The elderly in particular can have a hard time, think the European counterpart of the RIVM. Although the number of infections is still low, the most commonly encountered flu […]

Scientists have found solid evidence that COVID-19 is a seasonal infection

A study by researchers at the Institute of Global Health in Barcelona (ISGlobal) provides solid evidence that COVID-19 is a seasonal infection associated with low temperatures and humidity, similar to seasonal flu, reports “Medical Express”. The results of the study, published in the Nature Computational Science, also support the need to move to measures to […]

Russia allowed simultaneous introduction of Sputnik V and influenza vaccine

Sputnik V appears to be compatible with flu drugs Studies have not shown a decrease in the immunogenicity of drugs when they are used together, according to the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. The Russian Ministry of Health approved the simultaneous introduction of the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine for influenza drugs. This was […]

Flu. The vaccination campaign is launched

France launched its annual vaccination campaign against the seasonal flu, in a particularly uncertain context because always marked by the Covid-19 epidemic. Since early 2020, “The flu virus has circulated very little, (but) has not disappeared”, summarized Jérôme Salomon, Director General of Health, Thursday at a press conference. From this Friday, the French can therefore […]

Sciensano: “In fact, no flu in the country yet”

© IMAGEGLOBE In the week of 11 to 17 October, the overall incidence of GP consultations for flu-like symptoms remained stable at 73 consultations per 100,000 inhabitants per week. This is reported by health institute Sciensano on Wednesday in the weekly bulletin about respiratory infections. There was a significant decrease in the 15-64 age group. […]

The flu is getting worse this year: you need to know this

1. What are the expectations? Bentvelsen: “The forecasts are not rosy. We know from calculations that it could be an earlier and more severe flu wave. We may have to deal with two flu waves: a second wave at the end of this year and the beginning of next year. We have not had the […]

Bronchiolitis, flu, gastro … Why seasonal illnesses are making a comeback

Runny nose, sore throat, coughing fits … The Scientific Council has warned of an upsurge in seasonal illnesses at the end of the year. And children are the first to be affected. While 2020 had been rather lenient with regard to seasonal illnesses, the trend seems to be reversing this year. The organization of coordinated […]