Pumas: Sebastián Saucedo aspires to play Pre-Olympic with the United States

Waiting to be considered for the Concacaf Pre-Olympic, Sebastian Saucedo felt that his arrival at Cougars has opened the doors of the Selection of U.S, because the coaches of the senior team, Gregg Berhalter, and of the Olympic, Jason Kreis, have followed the steps. “The first time I arrived (in Pumas) I was called to […]

Aggression against Alfredo Saldívar and wife; they will investigate cops

Editorial Half Time Mexico City / 30.01.2020 19:34:59 After Mariana Clemente, wife of the goalkeeper of Cougars, Alfredo Saldivar, exhibited physical aggressions by police officers from Mexico City, the Citizen Secretariat of Mexico City, reported through Twitter that opened a research folder. “Regarding a video broadcast on social networks in which police officers of this […]

FC Juárez 4-4 Pumas: Goals Round 2 Clausura 2020, Crónica VIDEO

If this is going to be every Thursday Night, come! At the premiere of Thursday night in Liga MX, Bravos and Pumas they signed a madness draw with eight goals by finishing 4-4 ​​in the Benito Juárez Olympic Stadium. The match that inaugurated day 2 of 2020 closing, it was a concert of goals of […]

Pumas: Favio Álvarez, the booster who paid 1MP to play in Primera

TO Favio Álvarez and their representative cost 750 thousand Argentine pesos (one million Mexican pesos at current value) to fulfill the dream of playing in the First Division in Argentina and thus emigrate abroad. It was 2014 and the Argentine steering wheel was fond of Cordoba Workshops, a club that played in the First National […]

Pumas: Martín Rodríguez holds Míchel responsible for his limited activity

Editorial Half time Mexico City / 08.01.2020 20:11:55 After adding only 61 minutes in the Opening 2019, the Chilean steering wheel Martín Rodríguez blamed the technician Miguel González “Míchel” because of the little activity he had in Cougars and that it finally cost him to leave the institution. “In Pumas I gave everything I could […]

Pumas would sign runner-up with America for Clausura 2020: Who is it?

Enrique Martínez Villar Mexico City / 02.01.2020 13:53:12 After being six months in america and lack of minutes, Leonel López would try his luck in Pumas for the Clausura 2020, because the directive of the felines would be looking for their services and for that they already contacted Toluca, club owner of the player’s card. […]