Rows of Classic Unit-Link Problems, Listen So You Don’t Get Stuck!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The emergence of protests by unit-linked customers of an insurance company on social media has made many people wonder about this investment-wrapped insurance product. Unit link is an insurance product that combines protection and investment. Toufan Yamin, Investment Specialist at Sucor Asset Management, said problems like this can often arise due […]

There are customers who feel cheated, AIA opens their voice

Jakarta – There was a commotion in the virtual world of thousands of customers asuransi AIA formed a Facebook group entitled AIA Insurance Fraud Victims. In this group, many complained and felt cheated by the products offered by AIA insurance. This is because the policy disbursement money is not obtained in full and is only […]

Respond to Customers Who Feel Cheated, AIA: We Have Followed the Rules

Jakarta – Thousands of customers Asuransi AIA admitted that they felt cheated by the insurance product they had bought. These customers created a Facebook group called AIA Insurance Fraud Victims. In response to this, the Chief Marketing Officer of PT AIA Financial Lim Chet Ming said that customers are the company’s top priority. Lim revealed […]

Thousands of Customers Feeling Cheated by AIA Insurance

Jakarta – Thousands of customers asuransi AIA busy on social media Facebook. They created a group to complain about the insurance products they purchased. Customers convey that the agent offering their products does not provide a detailed and detailed explanation. So that this customer admits that he feels cheated because there is no explanation regarding […]

Facts about the Loss of Money for AIA Insurance Customers

Jakarta – Customer asuransi AIA who feel aggrieved to create a Facebook group called AIA Insurance Fraud Victims. In this group there were about 3 thousand people who joined and submitted complaints regarding the money received was not full and did not match what had been deposited. The customers admit that only about 30% of […]