Symptoms of “Corona” in the second wave … reach the incidence of strokes in

8:00 AM

Saturday 26 December 2020

Dr. Noha Assem, Adviser to the Minister of Health for Research, said that Egypt is at the center of the second wave, which calls for caution, noting that adherence to precautionary measures reduces the chances of infection with the emerging virus.
Asim explained, in her interview with the “Good Morning Egypt” program, broadcast on Channel One, the Egyptian satellite channel, that everyone must deal responsibly with the situation, especially if among their family members suffering from chronic diseases or if they are among the people at risk. If they contracted the disease in general, pointing out that between 80% and 85% of Corona injuries do not show symptoms or are very mild.
In light of the rapid spread of Corona, the director of intensive care at Ismailia Fever Hospital, Doctor Muhammad Khaled, revealed phenomena and developments related to the second wave of the virus, based on his daily experience of infections, as reported by “Sky News”.
Khaled said, “Most of the symptoms of Corona in the second wave have become more related to the digestive system, and are:
Severe diarrhea
Loss of the sense of smell and taste.
In addition to the continued presence of cases accompanied by severe respiratory symptoms, such as a dry cough, as well as a fever.
Other symptoms of people with corona among the infected cases, are:
Eye infections.
Excessive skin sensitivity.
Having strokes in the brain and heart.
The emergence of what has become known as “chronic Covid”, which means that some symptoms of Corona will continue with the patient for several months despite his recovery, as stress and fatigue continue to accompany him.



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