Study: Cannabis May Reduce the Severity of Covid-19 Symptoms

Corona appears to be on the rise again. Although symptoms of the current omikron variant appear to subside, people still end up in the hospital. There are also some coronary patients who have to do long covid. During a study on the influence of cannabis on corona symptoms, it was found that cannabis users have considerably fewer (serious) complaints than non-users.

More and more studies on cannabis as a crown medicine

Interest in the potential of cannabis and cannabinoids to prevent or reduce the symptoms of Covid-19 is still growing. Cannabis and its impact on patients with COVID-19 they are the subject of an increasing number of scientific researches. Some of them are studying the immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory effect of cannabis.

Earlier this year, University of Chicago researchers find out CBD shows a significant negative relationship with positive SARS-CoV-2 test. This emerged during a national sample of patients taking high-dose CBD for epilepsy.

Other she studies shows that CBD-rich cannabis can be used to reduce the expression of ACE2, a protein that acts as a receptor for Covid-19 in the cells of the tongue and oral mucosa.

Less severe corona for people who use cannabis

An interesting recent item on cannabis and its potential to fight COVID-19 was published in August in The Journal of Cannabis Research. The study found an association between cannabis use and less severe symptoms in hospitalized patients.

The article describes a study conducted by lead researcher Richard von Breedan of Oregon State Universitywho found that cannabigerolic acid (CBGa) and cannabidiolic acid (CBDA) may have the potential to prevent SARS-CoV-2 from entering human cells.

This so-called retrospective analysis looked at 1,831 Covid-19 patients admitted to two California hospitals, 69 of whom reported being active cannabis users.

If you unexpectedly end up in hospital as a cannabis user with the crown, it will appear that you have less severe symptoms and a less severe disease course than non-cannabis users, according to American research … [foto: artstore/Shutterstock]

How is a cannabis user best hospitalized with the crown?

Researchers note that cannabis users enter the hospital with less ignition levels than non-users. They also have significantly better research results, which are reflected in lower NIH (stroke risk) scores, shorter hospital stays, fewer ICU admissions, and less need for mechanical ventilation.

The researchers behind the study say: “As far as we know, this study is one of the first evaluations to map the effect of cannabis use in hospitalized patients with Covid-19. Although previous data showed the harmful relationship between tobacco smoke and Covid-19, this study suggests cannabis it can actually lead to a reduction in disease severity and better outcomes. This is despite five times more tobacco use among cannabis users than non-users in our study population ”.

Positive results, but urgent further research is needed

Researchers note that cannabis users are significantly younger than other patients and are five times more likely to smoke tobacco, according to the latter. has negative effects on the symptoms of Covid-19 patients.

Despite this, researchers find that cannabis users still experience less severe symptoms, even when the results have been adjusted for age, tobacco use, and comorbidities. When adjusted for age, these findings remained consistent, the researchers say in the article.

Plus, when they adjust to comorbidities, demographics, and smoking history, they find cannabis users are even less severe. progression of the disease than non-users.

Although the trend is clear, the researchers note in the article’s conclusion that the correlation is not statistically significant. They add: “This retrospective cohort study suggests that active cannabis users admitted to hospital with Covid-19 have better clinical outcomes than non-users, resulting in a reduction in the need for ICU admission or mechanical ventilation. However, our results should be interpreted with caution given the limitations of the analysis. Prospective and observational studies will further clarify the effects of cannabis use in patients with Covid-19 “.

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