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Developed by the OWENO team, the cute and beautiful adult girl game “Elf Girl Pinball” (Elf Girl Pinball) based on the pinball game was officially launched on Steam in December. Although the style is cute, there are no gentleman perks. less, so this work was very well received on Steam.

The gameplay of “Girl Fairy Pinball Game” is quite simple. Upon entering the pinball game mode, it is divided into upper and lower parts. The upper part is the level of the Fenpu fairy whose upper body is locked, and the upper part lower is the level Lanling demon whose lower body is locked. The normal game of pinball can be played through simple keys A, D and spacebar.

As for the screen performance of the game content, of course this is not an ordinary special effect, but gentlemen’s adult entertainment.




With the accumulation of points, Fen Pu and Lan Ling on the machine will have more feel-good special effect screens, and cat claws, massage sticks, and even marbles will have a good response to hitting and teasing.

After the game marbles are used up, they will be soldered and exchanged for love coins, which can be used to unlock more interesting special effects on the machine or have sex with the machine operator “Red Pepper”.




And the best design of this work is that the left and right pallets that control the pinball machine can be used to control the A and D buttons with one hand throughout the process.

The other hand was free, naturally to make my younger brother feel better.


The beautiful adult girl game “Elf Girl Pinball” (Elf Girl Pinball) was officially launched on Steam in December.

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