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WWE Backlash Review: Cody Rhodes vs. A.J. Styles Delivers a Strong Start for Rhodes’ Reign

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A New Champion Emerges at Backlash

By John Doe

Published: May 4, 2024, 9:03 p.m. ET

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Backlash, the latest WWE pay-per-view event, delivered the anticipated chaos and excitement following WrestleMania. The event showcased new champions and introduced intriguing storylines, leaving fans eagerly waiting for future matches.

Cody Rhodes Begins Reign as World Champion

Cody Rhodes, in his first match as the WWE World Champion, faced off against the highly talented A.J. Styles. Their match was a tremendous display of resilience and technical prowess, keeping the crowd on their feet.

Rhodes showed his champion’s resilience by countering Styles’ powerful moves with equal determination. He even kicked out of Styles’ signature springboard 450 splash and the Phenomenal Forearm. Ultimately, Rhodes secured the win with a Cross Rhodes, solidifying his reign as champion.

A Surprising Addition to The Bloodline

The highly anticipated debut of a new member in The Bloodline faction took an unexpected turn. Tanga Loa, the brother of Toma Tonga and son of Haku, made his presence felt, adding a new layer of intrigue to the ongoing faction warfare.

Loa’s surprise arrival helped secure victory for his team, obstructing Kevin Owens’ pinfall attempt against Tonga. The shock of Loa’s entrance was palpable, stunning both the crowd and Paul Heyman alike. The Bloodline’s dominance continues to grow, leaving fans guessing about their next moves.

Tiffany Stratton Shines in Triple-Threat Match

Tiffany Stratton, in her first championship match on the main roster, showcased her exceptional talent, leaving a lasting impression on the WWE Universe. The triple-threat match for the women’s championship offered an exhilarating display of athleticism and unforgiving action.

Stratton’s poise and ability to interact with the crowd, combined with her remarkable physical gifts, marked her as a rising star in the women’s division. Although Bayley emerged victorious, Stratton’s performance left fans eagerly anticipating her next one-on-one match.

Cracks Forming in The Foundation?

The Judgment Day faction, led by World Heavyweight Champion Damian Priest, faced a test of unity during the Backlash event. The actions of J.D. McDonagh and Finn Balor played a critical role in Priest’s successful title defense, despite his initial reluctance for assistance.

However, Priest’s eventual realization of his faction’s interference raises questions about their long-term cohesion. WWE has masterfully set the stage for a gripping storyline, as Priest struggles to assert his leadership in the faction.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Crowned

The Backlash event saw the crowning of new women’s tag team champions, as Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill faced Asuka and Kairi Sane. While the match had a few moments of miscommunication, the talent and potential showcased by both teams left an indelible mark.

Cargill’s explosive power and innovative maneuvers, combined with Belair’s resilience, proved to be a winning combination. The duo’s chemistry and ability to work cohesively added a thrilling dynamic to the women’s tag team division.

Overall Grade: B+

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