State of emergency extended, ok of the House

The resolution of the opposition was rejected in the Chamber, which requested, among other things, the presence in the Chamber of the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte. The problem ofabsence of a quorum for the 41 majority deputies in quarantine at (21 of the Pd, 14 of the M5S, 5 of Iv and 1 of Leu) trustee was resolved. Based on the decision taken by the Board for the Montecitorio regulation, the parliamentarians in solitary confinement are from now on on a mission and therefore absent justified, with consequent lowering of the quorum which determines the quorum. This measure was in fact provisionally adopted in March for the deputies who lived in the Red areas. Just Monday in the Chamber two commissions (Budget and Foreign) were blocked for the positivity of Beatrice Lorenzin and Undersecretary Riccardo Merlo at Covid.

7 October 2020 (change October 7, 2020 | 12:16)



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