Sponsors walk away en masse from The Voice of Holland | TV

“Based on all the reporting around the past few days” The Voice of Holland we have decided to stop sponsoring this program with immediate effect”, isla said on Monday. “Obviously, we disapprove of any form of transgressive behavior and as a brand we distance ourselves from this. The fact that these facts may have already been known to the producer and several parties involved means that our confidence in these parties has been seriously damaged. We wish everyone who has suffered grief and damage a lot of strength.”

Renaut writes in a statement: “Renault Netherlands and its partners disapprove of any form of transgressive behaviour. We will immediately stop our sponsorship of The Voice of Holland. Our condolences go out to all those involved.”

Saturday it was announced that The Voice of Holland will not be broadcast for the time being due to sexual misconduct. Independent research is being done. Sponsors T-Mobile and Lidl subsequently announced that they would end the collaboration. A spokesperson for RTL said he “understands” for that decision.

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