Spain: Newborn baby is born immune to COVID-19

A newborn baby who is immune to COVID-19 was born in Ibiza. The antibodies were given to him by his mother, who was vaccinated during pregnancy, doctors believe.

According to TVE, a child named Bruno is the first in Spain to get antibodies thanks to his mother’s immunization against the coronavirus. The woman got vaccinated because she works in the Balearic health service.

According to the authorities of the Can Misses hospital in Ibiza, where the baby boy was born, his mother took two doses of the vaccine in the last three months before birth.

According to Raquel Gascon, head of the Can Misses hospital’s obstetrics department, postpartum serology tests showed high levels of antibodies in both the newborn and the mother.

– In the coming weeks, we expect the delivery of two other babies, whose mothers were also vaccinated in the last stage of pregnancy. We hope that in these cases the antibodies were passed on to newborns as well, Gascon said, adding that the two pregnant women also work in the health service.

Commentators recall that Bruno is the second child born with COVID-19 antibodies in Spain.

In October, a newborn with high levels of antibodies was delivered to a hospital in the city of Huesca in the northeast of the country. At that time, doctors explained an extremely rare phenomenon with the fact that his mother had COVID-19 during her pregnancy, which could have contributed to the appearance of antibodies in the toddler.

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