Society Rejects Call to Become Komcad Is Threatened with Crime? Ministry of Defense Reply


One of the common questions about the Reserve Components (Komcad) on the Ministry of Defense or Ministry of Defense website is about criminal threats for people who do not fulfill the call to become Komcad. The Ministry of Defense has an answer to this question.

The question is in the FAQ row of the Ministry of Defense website as quoted on Friday (8/10/2021). The following is the voice of the question to the Ministry of Defense.

“Any member of the public who does not fulfill the call to become a Reserve Component is threatened with criminal penalties, which of course violates the principle of conscientious objection (the right to refuse based on his belief) in the International Human Rights Norms, Explain!” the question sounds.

The Ministry of Defense responded by explaining international human rights norms that highly uphold human rights. Furthermore, the Ministry of Defense emphasized that the Komcad program is voluntary without coercion in accordance with Law Number 23 of 2019 concerning Management of National Resources for National Defense (UU PSDN).

International human rights norms highly uphold human rights, in the PSDN Law the acceptance of Reserve Components is carried out on a voluntary basis without any coercion, in the formation of Reserve Components it is carried out with due regard to human rights,” explained the Ministry of Defense.

The Ministry of Defense describes the programs that are carried out by members Komcad after passing the selection process. The rights and obligations of Komcad members have also been regulated in the PSDN Law.

“After going through the selection process, candidates for the Reserve Components undergo basic military training for 3 months and after being appointed as members of the Reserve Components, they will get the rights and obligations as members of the Reserve Components,” said the Ministry of Defense.

“The rights and obligations as members of the Reserve Component have been regulated in article 41 and article 42 of Law Number 23 of 2019. The obligation to carry out mobilization does not violate human rights, because carrying out obligations has been regulated by law,” they said.

The following are the obligations and rights of members: Komcad in accordance with articles 41 and 42 of the PSDN Law:

Article 41
The Reserve Component as referred to in Article 28 paragraph (1) letter a shall:
a. loyal and obedient to Pancasila, the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia in 1945, and the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia;
b. maintaining the association and unity of the nation;
c. comply with the provisions of legislation;
d. carry out duties with full dedication, honesty, awareness, and responsibility;
e. show integrity and exemplary in attitude, behavior, speech, and actions to everyone;
f. attend refresher training; and
g. meet the Mobilization call.

Article 42
(1) The Reserve Component as referred to in Article 28 paragraph (1) letter a is entitled to:
a. pocket money during training;
b. operating allowance at the time of Mobilization;
c. health care;
d. work accident insurance coverage and death insurance; and
e. appreciation.
(2) Further provisions regarding the amount and procedure for providing operating allowances at the time of Mobilization as referred to in paragraph (1) letter b shall be regulated by a Presidential Regulation.

Watch the video ‘Moment of Jokowi-Prabowo Riding a Jeep during the Ceremony of Determining Komcad Troops’:

[Gambas:Video 20detik]

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