Skyrocketing 200% Over, 2 Tandiono Family Shares Suspended Again

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) temporarily suspended (suspension) the trading of the shares of the two issuers starting this Thursday (17/9/2020). Both are PT Trinitan Metals And Minerals Tbk (PURE) and Series I Pure Warrants (PURE-W), and PT Sky Energy Indonesia Tbk (JSKY).

In connection with the significant increase in the cumulative price of PURE shares, IDX considers it necessary to temporarily suspend trading of PURE shares on the Regular Market and Cash Market and Series I Warrants PURE-W in All Markets starting from the first trading session on 17 September 2020 until further exchange announcements, “wrote the IDX announcement, Thursday (17/9).

Therefore, the Exchange calls on interested parties to always pay attention to the disclosure of information conveyed by the company.

The same reason was given for the suspension of JSKY shares.

“The temporary suspension of trading in JSKY shares is carried out at the Regular Market and the Cash Market, with the aim of providing sufficient time for market players to consider carefully based on the information available in every investment decision making in JSKY Shares.”

“Interested parties are expected to always pay attention to the disclosure of information conveyed by the company,” wrote the IDX.

PURE shares and Warrants were suspended on September 15, then opened on September 16 and today are suspended again.

As for today, the IDX also opened a suspension of trading in P sharesT Pollux Properti Indonesia Tbk. (POLL) at the Regular Market and the Cash Market starting trading session I 17 September 2020.

Referring to IDX data, PURE shares were last traded at the level of IDR 302 / share. In the last week, PURE’s shares shot up 41.12% and in the past month they shot 162.61%. Even in the last 3 months PURE shares skyrocketed 218%.

PURE, which processes metals and minerals, is listed on the trading board AT on October 9, 2019 with an initial offering price of IDR 300 / share.

Meanwhile, JSKY shares were last traded at the level of Rp 244 / share before the suspension. One week, JSKY shares shot up 65.99% and in the last month it has risen to 216.88%. In the last 3 months its shares also skyrocketed 187%.

JSKY is an energy company owned by the Tandiono family, together with PURE. The company was listed on the stock exchange on March 28, 2018 by offering shares in the primary market worth IDR 400 / share.

Meanwhile, when POLL’s shares opened this morning, they immediately shot 9.89% to the level of Rp.10,000 / share with a market capitalization of Rp.83.19 trillion.

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