Sick for 2 years without showing up! Chen Feipeng, deputy director of Nanqiao, died at the age of 80

Financial Center / Reported by Chen Huanjun

The Nanqiao Group (1702), a major chemical and food manufacturer, has introduced bad news. The group issued an announcement announcing that Vice President Chen Feipeng died on the evening of the 23rd at the age of 80. Feipeng’s brother, Chen Feilong, set up a funeral committee to address related issues.

The Nanqiao Group confirmed the news of Chen Feipeng's death.  (Image / Excerpt from Google Map)

The Nanqiao Group confirmed the news of Chen Feipeng’s death. (Image / Excerpt from Google Map)

It is understood that Chen Feipeng had been bedridden as early as 2 years ago. In recent years, he has rarely appeared in public and has almost cut off contact with the outside world. His condition worsened last week and he was sent to hospital for emergency treatment on the evening of the 23rd. Nanqiao stressed that the directors, supervisors, senior management and all employees of the company respect and deeply thank Chen Feipeng for their contribution, express deep condolences for his disappearance and express deep condolences to his family.

Nanqiao Group is a large business group embracing food, chemicals and catering. In addition to serving as the group’s deputy director, Chen Feipeng also served as a municipal consultant for the Taipei City Government, a member of the Taipei City Economic Development Committee, a executive director of the National Federation of Industries and the Taipei City Industrial Association, president, etc.

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