Serafín Nebot: «It is impossible to make music without feeling. If you don’t have it, you better not dedicate yourself to this »

How do you feel when they tell you that Los Javaloyas is the oldest active musical group in Spain?

I see some of them come together to go bowling or concerts after years without playing together, but we have been active since we started, despite the changes. We are unique in that sense.

How have they managed to stay together after so many years?

We start from a conservatory musical base because we all started there. We decided to join in when dance music was starting to matter, especially in Europe. There was a boom in popular music. A clear example was Los Bravos. We found ourselves in the middle of all the fuss and, thanks to Miguel Soler, who was the announcer who set the tone in Mallorca, we started making music.

What do you have prepared for your Trui Teatre concert?

We will have a new formation of Los Javaloyas. This time we will be with a group of younger musicians. They are very excited and know the group’s repertoire very well, so Luis Javaloyas Jr. and I decided to collaborate with them. They are very prepared guys and they make very good music.

«I am a sentimental singer, only and exclusively. It is the music that I like »

The group has been changing but you have remained. How have you experienced the evolution of training?

My musical life has been full of changes. I was the last 25 years in the Symphonic Orchestra and I couldn’t do many things with Los Javaloyas. Later we met to go to Miami because we were very excited to play for our Cuban public, who have always been very affectionate with our music. Antonio Machín told us that in Cuba we were well known and we decided to do a concert there. We were surprised that there they asked us for two songs that here had not been great successes: My truth and Honey.

How do you experience this admiration from the international public?

It is a nice feeling. That is why it is so difficult to give up music. It is impossible for me. You can only if it is for health issues or a serious problem. Music is a wonderful activity. I have been lucky enough to make classical music and, for me, it is the best of all. Now I see the Orquestra Simfònica de les Illes Balears and I get excited because I never thought we would have something of this level. When I started, the orchestra left a lot to be desired. It has finally turned into something wonderful.

“Antonio Machín told us that in Cuba we were well known and we decided to perform in Miami for the Cubans there”


How do you think your classical training has influenced your musical career?

Popular music can be done well, fair or bad. I have always tried to do my best. Los Javaloyas have a very varied discography and there is room for a bit of everything. For example, one of my favorite songs is El beso. I laugh a lot when I listen to it. Since we started we have been very aware that people should have a good time. It has always been fundamental for us.

What has been your most special performance?

I wouldn’t know how to choose one. We have said that we left it many times and in the end we continued to play. We always come back. So the performances that come after a difficult situation are always more special. You do not know how it will go, if you are going to be in your prime, and so on. What I would never want is to feel sorry on stage. That would hurt a lot. If I go on stage it is for people to enjoy.

How have you lived these months?

Very good, in the field. Now I always live here. I have realized that I do not like the city. The city, in general, is not a place for old people. We are better in the field. Here I am freer, I can walk and relax. Also, you avoid putting up with people’s bad moods and all those annoying sounds.

Paradise of Love was a resounding success in his career. What did it mean for the group?

It allowed us to make recordings that we couldn’t before. Always under the opinion of Miguel Soler, but we were able to cover songs by The Beach Boys. It was a challenge because we had limited means, but in the end it turned out well. We were able to make the music we wanted, which was a huge success for us. You could say that success is poison, but it is not.

Do you consider yourself a sentimental singer?

Unique and exclusively. The horny songs were sung by Luis, and I focused on the love songs. They are the ones that I have always liked and with which I identify.

Is there music without feeling?

It is impossible to make music if you have no feeling. From the first moment you pick up an instrument, you are already working on feelings. If not, you better not dedicate yourself to this.



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