Samsung Releases New Smartwatch Operating System One UI Watch, Now Based on Wear OS

On the other hand, Samsung launched a series of chipset that will be embedded in Samsung’s next-generation 5G solution.

Chipset The new 3GPP Rail 16 compliant device consists of a third-generation mmWave Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit (RFIC) chip, a second-generation 5G SoC modem, and a Digital Front End-RFIC integrated chip.

Third chipset it will support Samsung’s next newest product for 5G. Includes next-generation 5G Compact Macro, Massive MIMO radio, and baseband unit. All of them will be commercially available in 2022.

This chipset family is designed to take Samsung’s next-generation 5G lineup to a new level, driving performance, power efficiency and reducing the size of 5G solutions. As for the third chipset are each:

1. mmWave RFIC 3rd Generation

This new chip follows the previous generation RFIC. The first generation was introduced in 2017 and supports service-driven 5G FWA solutions home broadband The world’s first 5G in the US.

Then two years later, the 2nd generation RFIC supports 5G Compact Macro, the first and widely used mmWave 5G NR radio in the US. This 3rd RFIC chip supports both 28 GHz and 39 GHz spectrum and will be embedded in the next generation Samsung 5G Compact Macro.

The chip utilizes advanced technology that reduces antenna size by nearly 50 percent and maximizes 5G audio interior space.

Other than that, chipset it also improves power consumption, results in a more compact and lighter 5G radio and doubles the power output of the next generation 5G Compact Macro.



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