Retired Police Pajero Car Changes Color After UI Student Accident Case, Revealed in Reconstruction

JAKARTA, – There is a difference in the color of the Mitsubishi Pajero used by retired police AKBP Eko Setia BW during the reconstruction of the accident and the incident that caused the death of a student at the University of Indonesia (UI), M Hasya Atallah.

The fatal accident occurred in the Srengseng Sawah area, Jagakarsa, South Jakarta, on October 6 2022.

Based on the surveillance camera footage at the scene, it appears that the Mitsubishi Pajero used by AKBP Eko Setia BW is black.

However, during the reconstruction that was held on Thursday (2/2/2023), the car with police number B 2447 RFS was white.

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Polda Metro Jaya Traffic Director Kombes Pol Latif Usman said the color of the car had been changed after the accident case had been resolved.

The completion of the case was stated in the warrant for termination of investigation (SP3) number B/17/2023/LLJS dated 16 January 2023.

“That’s because yesterday it was SP3, this vehicle (the color) was returned. Later we will also return the motorbike,” said Latif, Thursday.

“Until yesterday the owner (AKBP Eko Setia) took it (the sticker) was removed. But the plate numbers are all the same, just the color,” said Latif.

However, when asked in detail about the difference in the color of the Mitsubishi Pajero car, Latif did not explain.

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As is known, Hasya was named a suspect after he was killed by a retired member of the National Police in Jagakarsa, South Jakarta, October 6 2022.

Hasya died because of his own negligence, not the result of the negligence of a retired member of the Police who ran over him. That’s why Hasya was named a suspect even though he died.

Then, Hasya’s attorney and family received a letter of notification of the progress of the investigation results (SP2HP) on the traffic accident case number B/42/I/2023/LLJS dated January 16, 2023.

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