Recognize Chain, Sales and Business Management Applications Can Check from Cellphones

AKURAT.CO, How important it is for business activities to be carried out on a digital basis. Apart from being efficient at reducing operational costs, business activities leading to digital will also satisfy consumers.

But it needs the right system to operate it. For example, the Chain application from PT. Cyberindo System Synergy.

This chain is an application system based on Smart Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). This Chain application can facilitate management and increase the efficiency of the distribution company.

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Among other things, ranging from purchasing, sales, inventory management, accounts receivable, and Point of Sale for company management.

“There is no need to waste time communicating with suppliers regarding stock updates,” said Steven Dharmawan as the Chain Founder in a recent media broadcast.

Thomas Alfa Edison as Co-Founder of the Chain and Steven Dharmawan as Founder of the Chain. SPECIAL

“Because suppliers only need to update the stock of goods and automatically all stock items are updated to you in real time,” added Steven Dharmawan.

This Chain Application is different from other ERP. Because this Chain application is mcreate a process of connecting suppliers with distributors, distributors with shops and stores with consumers. Automatically will capture sales order data.

For example, such as customer past purchases from the company, as well as unstructured data such as written communications and storing them in electronic records. All can be controlled from the cellphone.

“It means managing business easily through an integrated platform called Link Chain. This means staying connected with your customers and business partners. So it can be controlled anywhere and anytime because everything is at your fingertips, “explained Steven Dharmawan.

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