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Rebecca Jones, a Mexican-American actress who starred in many popular soap operas in the 1980s and 1990s, has died after a tragic battle with ovarian cancer and lung problems.

According to a press release, the 65-year-old star died “peacefully” and surrounded by loved ones.

Jones is popularly remembered for her roles in Who killed Sarah?, the house of flowersDoña Flor and her two husbands, May God forgive you y lady steel.

“He left in peace and with a deep appreciation for his audience, for which he worked all his life,” said Jone’s representative, Dana Vázquez.

Jones was born in Mexico City to an American father and a Mexican mother, but moved to California as a child. She studied at Saddleback College, South Coast Actors Corporation, and the University of Southern California.

After several years of working as a waitress, the young woman moved back to Mexico, where she began working as an actress. She was married to actor Alejandro Camacho for 25 years, who shared credits in the productions The fallen angel, wolves cradle, the devil’s smile, crystal empire y To love again. The couple shared a son, Maximiliano Camacho Jones.

He has also worked in English, in various productions for the television network NBC, as well as for the Disney company. She also highlights her work as a film, theater and television producer.

In 2018, Jones was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, sparking a complicated health battle for the beloved actress. (YO)

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