President Yoon Emphasizes Iron-Clad Security Based on ROK-US Alliance on Memorial Day

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President Yoon “Constitutional order to honor national guardians… iron-clad security based on the ROK-US alliance”


Today, Memorial Day (6th), President Yoon Seok-yeol emphasized that we must not forget and remember the heroes who devoted themselves to the country.

Mentioning the ROK-US alliance, which has been upgraded to a nuclear-based alliance, he promised iron-clad security, and said that he would better look after and honor national heroes through the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs.

This is Reporter Harim Goo.


President Yoon Seok-yeol began his memorial address by paying homage to the martyrdom of the country.

He emphasized that the Republic of Korea stands on the sacrifice and dedication of the heroes who fought against communist totalitarian forces to build a free democratic country, and that they should not be forgotten and remembered.

“It is a practical order of our liberal democracy constitution to properly remember and honor those who built and defended a free democratic country and those who sacrificed for the safety of the people, the owners of the country.”

He also said that North Korea, which is advancing its nuclear weapons and missiles, has legalized the use of nuclear weapons, and that it will maintain a strong security posture based on the ROK-US alliance, which has been upgraded to a nuclear-based alliance.

“The Korean government and military will protect the lives and safety of the people by establishing an iron-clad security posture based on the ROK-US alliance, which is stronger than ever.”

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He said that he would take better care of the martyrs and heroes through the promoted Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs, and said, “I will remember and honor the heroes in uniform until the end,” in memory of the late firefighter Seong-il Sung-il, who died at the Gimje fire site.

Prior to the memorial ceremony, President Yoon strictly observed the burial ceremony for the burial of the remains of Private First Class Kim Bong-hak, who died in the Korean War.

In addition, he directly presented certificates of national merit to five people, including reserve sergeant Park Hyeon-min, who survived the Cheonan warship, and expressed his gratitude.

This is Yonhap News TV’s Goo Harim. ([email protected])

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