Piers Morgan again lashes out at Meghan in TV interview | Entertainment

entertainment“>“She accuses people within the ‘institute’ that no one cared about her mental well-being. She even says she was suicidal. I’m sorry, but you’re not kidding me that the royals just let that happen. It’s quite an accusation. So come along with names and numbers, because if this were actually true, then those who are guilty of it must also pay for it. But so far we have not been given any name, which makes me think they are lies, ”said Morgan.

entertainment“>He continues: “We are now a month further and we have actually not gotten any further. Although, there are a number of statements of that Harry in Meghan invalidated by third parties, so that says something. They have been telling so many falsehoods, so why should I believe these two Pinocchio? Meghan is nothing more than a B-actress who wants to make money off the back of the royal family. And as for that title for their son Archie: he would only have become a prince as a prince Charles become king, as queen Elizabeth resigns or dies. That’s not news, it’s just the rule, and Harry and Meghan knew that before he was born. So that Meghan now makes a whole story of this about Archie’s skin tone is really low to the ground. She tries again to be a victim, to play the racism card and shows no respect for her in-laws. She knew very well in advance which family she married, even though she says she has never googled Harry. Please stop it! You don’t believe that yourself, do you? “

entertainment“>Morgan also said he had been threatened several times since leaving Good Morning Britain. “Apparently you are no longer allowed to have an opinion about a controversial interview like that of Harry and Meghan. That is sad. I mean, those two are preaching all kinds of things and we just have to accept that indiscriminately. Well no, I will not agree. ”

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