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Pension reform: towards a shortage of banknotes?

STRIKE – The CGT of the Banque de France has filed a notice of “blocking renewable” strike from Monday in two fiduciary centers which process more than a quarter of the country’s banknotes.

The CGT syndicate of the Banque de France announced Friday the filing of a notice of strike “renewable blocking” from Monday in two fiduciary centers of the bank in Ile-de-France and in Hauts de France, which deal more of a quarter of the country’s banknotes.

This call for strike comes within the framework of the protest movement against the pension reform, details a press release, recalling the request of the CGT for a “withdrawal of the reform”. It concerns a site in La Courneuve (Seine-Saint-Denis) and another in Sainghin-en-Mélantois (North). Their blockage could disrupt the supply of ATMs, warns the union.

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Two sites processing more than a quarter of the banknotes in the country concerned

These two sites process more than a quarter of the country’s banknotes. They are part of the Banque de France cash network, through which it maintains coins and banknotes and manages their good circulation. “The two sites (…) are part of the network of 37 fiduciary sites of the Banque de France ensuring the management of the circulation of notes and coins (…) The necessary measures have been taken to ensure their continuity of operation “, reacted the institution Friday at the end of the day.

“More generally, the necessary arrangements are made with banking establishments and money carriers to avoid any shortage of cash,” assured the Banque de France.

In an interview with AFP, Erick Lacourrège, director general of economic services and the Banque de France network, said that “there is no risk of a shortage”. “We are organized with the fiduciary sector for the supply of cash dispensers, we have made arrangements to have enough stock with the players in the sector – cash carriers and banks – to supply the distributors for several days or even weeks And outside the Paris region, there is no risk either because there is no blockage. ” If a center out of 37 were to be blocked, “there would still be tickets. If access were blocked, it would disrupt the normal activity of the center but it would have no impact on the public behind, we will then catch up”, explains Erick Lacourrège.

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