Opposition criticizes government for corona regulation

Updated on October 23, 2020, 2:27 p.m.

The federal government is now receiving sharp criticism from the opposition for the new Corona regulation, which will come into force on Sunday. SPÖ boss Rendi-Wagner speaks of “show politics” and a Viennese lawyer criticizes the “lack of transparency” and the lack of a legal basis.

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SPÖ Chief Pamela Rendi-Wagner throws the turquoise-green federal government given the long wait for the youngest Corona regulationShowpolitikThe next time the government should put the corresponding regulation text on the table at the same time as its press conference, demanded Rendi-Wagner on Friday. FPÖ club chairman Herbert Kickl locates a “chaos of ordinances and traffic lights”. Neither works for the NEOS Corona-Ampel nor the test strategy.

Corona regulation comes into force on Sunday

The government was “completely unprepared” last Monday new measures and then it took four days to present a legal basis for it, recalled Rendi-Wagner. The new regulation, which is roughly the maximum number of people at meetings and small events away from your own four walls and also revived the 1 meter distance in public space, was published on Thursday evening.

you Entry into force was postponed to Sunday. For Rendi-Wagner, the “chaos” of the last few weeks continues. “Show politics” do not cope with the crisis, she emphasized.

FPÖ club chairman Kickl attests the Government irresponsibility in pure culture. A state emergency was provoked. “All citizens, employees, entrepreneurs, families, teachers and students and – now very recently – the cemetery visitors to All Saints’ Day are unsettled by a jumble of norms,” ​​said Kickl angrily: “You don’t have to be a prophet to know that the government is for the Austrians will also ban Christmas – that didn’t even exist in times of war. “

Located for the NEOS Health spokesman Gerald Loacker after the “disgrace to the Corona regulation“Another question mark from Thursday by Health Minister Rudolf Anschober (Greens). The test strategy presented this week is also inadequate for Loacker. Rapid antigen tests only in doctor’s offices are completely impractical and miss the goal of a meaningful containment strategy.

The regulation lacks a legal basis

The Viennese lawyer Florian Horn criticized the published by the Ministry of Health regulation. In his opinion, there are “still problems” with this, he said in the Ö1 “Mittagsjournal”. Approximately missing the regulation of maximum number of persons at meetings and small events away from your own four walls Legal basis.

The provision, according to which the number is limited to six people indoors and twelve people outdoors, is based not on the Covid Measures Act but on the Epidemic Act. And the only thing that can be found there in the regulations for the events is that “only the confluence of large crowds” can be regulated, according to Horn: “And ten people or twelve people or six people are quite safe no larger crowd.”

It would “revenge” that there was not really an appraisal. If you had decided, the Publish draft in advance and to put it up for discussion, then the “quality of the regulation would be better”, argued the lawyer and complained about the “lack of transparency“.

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A contact diary could help to better understand chains of infection – epidemiologist Hajo Zeeb also advises keeping such a diary.


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