Night culture: from private life back to the clubs – Bayreuth

Green member Tim Pargent and his parliamentary group colleague Susanne Kurz came to Bayreuth for a round of talks on Monday. The location was well chosen: the Bayreuth Club Fabrik. Closed for seven months due to corona. Reopened with a new bar concept since October 17th. And closed again after a week with curfew at 11 p.m. Because the Corona traffic light is dark red in the city of Bayreuth.

Going out in a controlled manner instead of uncontrollably sick

Factory owner Ahmad Kordbacheh is clearly frustrated. “The investment was for nothing.” The hygiene concept, the additional concession as a pub, bar tables and bar stools at an appropriate distance. None of this would help if the factory bar had to close at 9 p.m. Kordbacheh doesn’t understand why the clubs and bars are always “the scapegoat”. “Creative and responsible people are also active in nightlife.” But their performance is not recognized. His appeal: “It is better to go out in a controlled manner than to get sick uncontrollably.”

The result of this policy of the state government is, so Kurz, that people withdraw into private life. To continue partying there unobserved. She considers the blanket cap on a certain number of guests at cultural events to be “pure populism”. The spokeswoman for the Greens for culture and film in the state parliament warns of the collapse of the cultural infrastructure. “What is gone is gone.” The night culture and the jobs of the employees have to be preserved, she demands.

A professional ban with consequences

Matthias Mayer from the Motion agency speaks of a “roller coaster ride”. “In fact, a professional ban was imposed on us.” Mayer is also the chairman of the Neuneinhalb association, which looks after the art and culture house on K√§mmereigasse. The format “Gassenkultur” arose out of necessity. For a short time the lake stage in the Wilhelminenaue was played with the city in the summer. “You have to say, despite not because of state politics, we have found local solutions.”

Because the culture and event industry was forgotten by this. In contrast to football matches or church services, the prevailing opinion seems to be that the cultural sector can be dispensed with. “There is no sensible comprehensive concept.” Mayer criticizes that the upper limits for visitor numbers would be of no use regardless of the total capacity. “We would need a calculation similar to that in retail based on square meters per person.”

Susanne Kurz sees it the same way. “A system that converts x people to y square meters.” Ventilation should also be taken into account. In any case, citizens should be able to understand the rules. Because without their support and understanding, the whole thing won’t work. In September, the Greens submitted an application to preserve the night culture. Chains of infection are much easier to trace through established clubs, discos and concert venues.

Thwarted by the pandemic

Pascal Fechner from the board of directors of the Glashaus Verein also feels that he is being held back. The glass house lives from the voluntary commitment of its members, he describes. “But at the moment we can’t offer our members anything.” Therefore, the pandemic could have consequences for the future of the association. In the summer, the caf√© was operated outside. One concert took place in October, the next one was planned for November and will probably not work.

Tim Pargent said Bavaria had launched a support program for cultural workers. But it was not well received. The event industry did not benefit from it. According to Susanne Kurz, artists and venues have been considered with small amounts. The cultural and creative industries are the third largest in Bavaria, and even the third largest nationwide. “At the end of September, only eleven of the promised 20 million euros in Corona aid were planned in Bavaria.”


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