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A list of names that line up in six columns. The New York Times shared on his social networks the one-shock of its Sunday edition.

“An incalculable loss”, headlined the daily, as the death toll from COVID-19 approaches the symbolic figure of 100,000 in the United States.

“Alice Coopersmith Furst, 87, Kentfield, California. Was part of the first class of girls admitted to Bronx High School of Science […]. Bassey Offlong, 25, Michigan. Knew how to help his friends to become better […]. Fred Walter Gray, 75, of Benton County. Loved his bacon and crispy potato pancakes. ”

The names, ages and anecdotes on these 1,000 deaths from the coronavirus, or 1% of the country’s balance sheet, are thus listed on the entire front page of the newspaper.

“They’re not just names on a list. These victims are us. Figures alone will not be able to show the impacts of the coronavirus in the United States. Whether it’s people hospitalized, jobs lost or lives lost. As the country is on the verge of reaching the grim number of 100,000, the New York Times searched the death notices of the victims. These 1000 people gathered here represent only 1% of this number. None of them was just a number, ”wrote the daily in the preamble to this list.

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