New series about Harry and Meghan. The prince speaks of ‘dirty play’ in the royal family

In short clip prince harry mentions people who work for royal families informing reporters about each other. “There’s a certain hierarchy in the family. You know information leaks, but stories get pushed. It’s a dirty game,” he says.

In the trailer, she also describes “the pain and suffering of the women who marry in this institution.” The footage that runs alongside the commentary then shows Harry’s wife Meghan, his late mother Princess Diana, and her sister-in-law Kate. Another commentator said there was a “war against Meghan to suit other people’s agendas”.

The trailer of the six-part series briefly presents the couple’s difficult relationship with the other members of the royal family, but also with the media and the public. Harry and Meghan just stepped down from their royal duties two years ago due to their complicated relationship and moved to California to lead more independent lives. As ČTK recalled, they criticized their relatives several times and accused the institution of racism, which Buckingham Palace denies.

“We’re definitely not a racist family,” Prince William responded to Harry and Meghan’s interview with Oprah Winfrey in March 2021, which, according to Reuters, plunged the institution into one of the biggest crises in recent times. Buckingham Palace subsequently promised to take the issues raised by the interview seriously. But at the same time, he emphatically noted that “some memories may differ.”

Harry has also hinted in interviews that he barely gets along with the rest of the family at the moment, especially his father, King Charles III, and older brother, Prince William, the heir apparent to the throne. “Nobody but Meghan and me know the whole truth,” Prince Harry says in the trailer.

Buckingham Palace has not released a statement on the documentary series and has not yet responded to requests for comment from the British news agency Reuters. But the BBC hypothesizesthat there are concerns within the royal family about what allegations could be made and that Harry and Meghan’s show will overshadow the efforts of other family members.

The first three episodes of the documentary series will be released by Netflix this Thursday, with three more episodes on the life of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to follow on 15 December. The “behind closed doors” documentary promises to explain why Prince Harry and his wife Meghan stepped down from royal duties in 2020. This program will be followed by the release of Prince Harry’s memoir after the New Year.

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