NASA publishes images of Mars revealing “strange scenes” on its surface

NASA publishes images of Mars reveal

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Scientists have published stunning images of strange landscapes on Mars, captured by the NASA probe orbiting the Red Planet.

In one photo, scenes of cascading sedimentary rocks of stunning orange and blue color were taken in the Meridiani Planum area, near the Martian Equator.

A topographic thermal map of the surface of the planet reveals many hills and craters that sprinkle across the arid landscape. One of the clips shows Curiosity – a $ 2 billion NASA spacecraft – rolling through the soil of Mars on one of its missions.

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Japanese scientists are preparing models for the nucleus of MarsJapanese scientists are preparing models for the nucleus of Mars

The photos were taken by NASA’s Mars Tropic Mars Probe (MRO), orbiting the Red Planet since 2006.

The space probe was charged with the task of sending detailed images of the surface of Mars to help scientists study geology and climate. MRO also helps NASA find future landing sites for Mars missions.

To take pictures, MRO uses the most powerful camera sent to another planet (HiRISE).

A team at the University of Arizona, where scientists help maintain HiRISE operations, regularly uploads camera images to the Internet.

Source: The Sun

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