Name Same as KPK Suspect Makes Merchant Accounts Blocked Incorrectly


After being in the national spotlight, it was finally discovered that the blocking of the BCA account belonging to a bird trader in Madura was due to the wrong person’s identification. The name of the bird trader, Ilham Wahyudi, was misunderstood by the KPK as the name of a corruption suspect. Ouch!

He found out about the blocking of bird trader Ilham Wahyudi’s account when he was given a letter from Bank BCA. In the excerpt of the letter issued by BCA dated 16 January 2023 it is stated: Based on a request from the KPK as referred to in letter R/35/DAK.01.00/20-23/01/2023, dated 11 January 2023 regarding unblocking an account in the name of Ilham Wahyudi on January 13, 2023.

The KPK mistakenly thought that Ilham Wahyudi, who used to sell lovebirds from Pamekasan, Madura Island, East Java, was a suspect in corruption in East Java Provincial Government grants. Thus, Ilham Wahyudi’s account was blocked by order of the KPK.

“The information we obtained, the name and date of birth of the person concerned happened to be the same as the name of the KPK suspect who submitted a blocking request. The differentiating data is in the address,” said Head of KPK Reporting Unit Ali Fikri when contacted, Friday (27/1/2023).

Ilham Wahyudi’s account, the bird seller, contained just Rp. 2 million. He was confused because he could not access his own money. After it was discovered that the blocked account was on the wrong target, the KPK and BCA immediately processed the unblocking.

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“The bank will convey to its customers regarding the intended mistake,” explained Ali.

KPK Building (Hasan Alhabshy Photo: detikcom)

Furthermore, BCA apologizes:

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