Most Wanted Samsung Mobile Phones for September 2020: Galaxy A7, Galaxy A10, Galaxy M20, Galaxy A21, Galaxy S8

LAMONGAN TODAYSamsung has become a brand HP most popular in Indonesia. In fact, you could say Samsung occupy the most popular position in the country.

Based on Pricebook data, Samsung Galaxy series A is still the most sought after.

The following Lamongan Today presents, HP Samsung most sought after on the market in September 2020.

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Samsung IDR 1 million


Samsung Galaxy A20s. List of HP Price of 2 Million Early August 2020. * / Https://

Samsung Galaxy A01 RAM 2 GB Rp 1.049.000
Samsung Galaxy J4 RAM 2 GB ROM 32 GB Rp 1.100.000
Samsung Galaxy A10S RAM 2 GB Rp 1.350.000
Samsung Galaxy M10 RAM 3 GB ROM 32 GB Rp 1.429.000
Samsung Galaxy A10 RAM 2 GB Rp 1.470.000
Samsung Galaxy M20 RAM 3 GB ROM 32 GB Rp 1.635.000
Samsung Galaxy M11 RAM 3 GB ROM 32 GB Rp 1.785.000
Samsung Galaxy A11 RAM 2 GB ROM 32 GB Rp 1.785.000
Samsung Galaxy A20 RAM 3 GB Rp 1.899.000

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Samsung IDR 2 million

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