More 457 infected in the last 24 hours in the country (maximum since May 8)

The National Federation of Teachers (Fenprof) said today that the disclosure of school rankings constitutes an “annual lie” that is intended to “feed the business in education, through the promotion of private education”.

On the day that lists and analyzes of students’ academic results are re-released and schools are ranked again taking into account exam averages and academic success rates, Fenprof considered, in a statement, that the ‘rankings’ they are a “lie”, accusing government officials of devaluing them, although they continue to “make them viable”.

“About these rankings, Fenprof has nothing to add to what it has always said, pointing out, once again, that, essentially, they are intended to feed the business in education, through the promotion of private education, comparing the incomparable, in a unfair competition with public education that some newspapers take advantage of to seek thousands of advertisements for the supposedly ‘best’ private schools, ”the note reads.

The union structure led by Mário Nogueira highlighted “teachers who, despite the difficult working conditions that exist in schools, do not lower their arms and struggle, every day, for students to be successful, not only at school, but mainly educational ”.

Regarding the difficult working conditions, we highlight the schedules, size of classes, lack of adequate support for students, among others, to which this year added distance learning, which required even greater efforts, without the tutelage being at hand. height of what was demanded of the professionals, he adds.

“It is these teachers who, in a country that maintains a very high rate of poverty, at the moment aggravated for the reasons that are known, and that has been confronted with educational policies adverse to the good organization and functioning of schools, have managed to increase the rates of school success, reduced dropout and developed projects that meet the needs of students ”, he stresses.

For Fenprof, these teachers remain at the top of the ‘ranking’ of confidence of the Portuguese but continue to be “disrespected”.

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“They continue to be disrespected by a Government that erases years of professional life, prevents a fair retirement and turns a blind eye to the aging of the profession, that abuses precarious work and that overloads working hours, imposing hours that extreme physical exhaustion. , psychic and psychological ”, concludes the statement.

Today, Lusa again publishes lists and analyzes on students’ academic results and success rates, namely through the “Direct Success Paths”, a parameter that allows to accompany a student throughout a teaching cycle.

The direct successful paths show students who manage to finish a teaching cycle – the 3rd cycle or the secondary one – without ever failing and who have a positive mark in the national exams.

In addition, the Directorate-General for Education and Science Statistics provides a tool that compares the path of students at a particular school with all students in the country who previously had similar school performance.

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