“Miljaar, milljaar, what a driver. Mo vint toh! ” Remco Evenepoel wins the World Cup, but Yves Lampaert wins Flemish hearts

The rainbow jersey for Remco Evenepoel, the eternal sympathy for Yves Lampaert. With his ecstatic congratulations – in West Flemish, as befits a ‘son of a Belgian farmer’ – Lampaert has secured a place in the hearts of cycling enthusiasts.

Kristof Simons

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The divine way in which Lampaert congratulated his captain provided a television moment in which many pieces of reality TV pale. “Miljaar, miljaar, what a driver”, the West Flemish spontaneously blurted out, falling into Remco’s arms. “What have you done now? Mo vint toh! Holy shit, what a driver! What a driver!”

This led West Fleming to open a canvas on social media: “Yves Lampaert: heart on tongue, cream of boy”. Or: “The conclusion of the World Cup: please give Yves Lampaert a role as commentator after his racing career”.

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Those who follow cycling a little will not be surprised. When Lampaert won the Tour de France prologue this summer and took the yellow jersey, he reacted wonderfully disarming in the next flash interview: “I’m just the son of a Belgian farmer, hey” (“I’m just the son of a farmer from Belgium, hey “). A quote that went around the world and recently resurfaced after Belgian Cycling tweeted a photo of Lampaert training in Wollongong with an Australian farmer in his pickup.

Always himself

“Lampaert is more real than real, a popular guy who brings running back to people,” says our cycling specialist Hugo Coorevits. “Despite all the media training, he is and remains his spontaneous self, especially when he gets emotional.”

On good days, like during this World Cup, but also on less beautiful days, like when he was going on the podium at Paris-Roubaix earlier this year, only to be landed by an inattentive fan: “A supporter? A calf! “He grinned, after finishing tenth. Which didn’t stop him from apologizing later.” And still in that wonderfully juicy language of his, a mixture of Ingelmunsters, his native village, and Hulstes, his hometown. he. ”

As in 2017, when he admitted after his victory at Dwars door Vlaanderen that “he should” cards to be able to participate “. “In short, the kind of rider that people love and who also loves people,” Coorevits said.

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