Medtronic’s Commitment to World Obesity Day

Rome, March 4 (Adnkronos Health)

Medtronic, always at the forefront of the fight against obesity, today at the World Obesity Day, alongside the European Association for the Study of Obesity (Easo), has decided to promote and support, once again this year, initiatives that contribute to the knowledge of what is still today, according to the World Health Organization, one of the most widespread diseases of our times, explains the company in a note.

Obesity is, in fact, one of the main public health problems worldwide, whose incidence is constantly increasing both in Western countries and in low-middle-income countries: today 800 million people live with it, of which 6 million in Italy, that is about 10% of the population. Its medical consequences are estimated to have a global cost of $ 1 trillion by 2025 and Childhood obesity is projected to increase by 60% over the next decade, reaching 250 million individuals by 2030.

Obesity is a chronic disease that depends on genetic, psychological, sociocultural, economic and environmental factors and which therefore places us in front of a global challenge and the need for a cultural change to effectively address this complex health problem. It is with this purpose, to inform the population about the risks that this pathology entails and to promote healthy lifestyles like physical movement and healthy eating, which Medtronic has decided to join Obecity’s businesses, an integrated communication project launched two years ago to prevent obesity in Italy.

Today on the site and on the social channels Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin, the president of the Obesity Study Center of the University of Milan Professor Michele Carruba gave information on this pathology through a video. Also today the live streaming from the Agostino Gemelli polyclinic in Rome was held of a Cook & Play event: an appointment in which some Chefs selected by Officine Buone prepared healthy recipes – approved by the Obecity Board – for patients and healthcare personnel.

In confirmation of this considerable commitment, Medtronic always points out, the company has decided to further promote the awareness message on the risks of obesity by supporting initiatives such as the Be Ok! App – which allows for information and prevention on the issue through video pills and useful advice from experts – e through a social spot intended for the general public which also sees the involvement of scientific societies and the Ministry of Health and which will be launched in the coming weeks.

As part of the multidisciplinary excellence program of Medtronic Open Innovation Labfinally was conceived Know Hub, a contest based on the research and study of the ‘typical day’ of the chronic patient, through the mapping of obstacles and barriers that limit their quality of life and the identification of areas for improvement that simplify the Patient Experience Journey.

“Medtronic reconfirms its commitment in the fight against obesity again this year, on the occasion of World Obesity Day – he explains Emanuele Abate, Business Director Surgical Innovations of Medtronic Italia – through multiple initiatives aimed at patients and institutions. Partnership and innovation are in fact key elements through which Medtronic conveys its mission centered around the patient. We started four years ago with a position paper on this issue that saw the involvement of all stakeholders and every year we continue our commitment to support initiatives to raise public awareness and patients, such as Obecity and the Be Ok! App. to start a real one cultural turning point on the subject of obesity promoting correct information on this issue, on prevention and on adequate and safe treatment paths “.

Incisive and necessary actions, the note points out, if we take into account that, for example, in the new context of the pandemic, obesity not only constitutes a significant risk factor for diseases such as cardiovascular ones, some cancers and type 2 diabetes mellitus , but what obese people are twice as likely to be hospitalized if they test positive for Covid-19. This is what emerges from a new report by Public Health England, executive agency of the Department of Health and Social Care in the United Kingdom, which highlights how being seriously overweight puts people at greater risk of hospitalization, admission to intensive care units (ICU) and death from Covid-19, with a risk that increases substantially as the body mass index (BMI) increases.

Current evidence does not suggest that having excess weight increases people’s chances of contracting Covid-19. However, the data show that obese people are significantly more likely to become seriously ill and be hospitalized in the ICU than those with a healthy Bmi.

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