Man Sleeping on the Street After a Alcohol Party Killed by a Drunk Motorcycle

Solo, CNN Indonesia —

A construction worker from Jepara, Deri Kusuma Widyanto (25) was found dead in Jetis Hamlet, Kenep Village, Sukoharjo Regency, Central Java, Saturday (11/12) night.

Previously, it was suspected that Deri was a murder victim. One of the factors was that when the body was found, it was in a condition of severe head injuries. However, the results of the investigation Sukoharjo Police revealed that the victim died as a result of being hit by a motor vehicle.

Sukoharjo Police Chief, AKBP Wahyu Nugroho Setyawan, said the victim had previously drank alcohol (alcohol) with a number of his colleagues.

“They grilled fish and drank alcohol until late at night,” he said at a press conference, Monday (12/13).

In the middle of the alcohol party, the victim and his friends ran out of liquor. Two witnesses then went to buy alcohol at the Cuplik Market.

After continuing the drinking party, one of the witnesses fell asleep so he returned to the room that had been prepared for sleeping.

“At the location where one witness lived with the victim. Both of them fell asleep there because they were probably too drunk,” he said.

The witness fell asleep on the grass while the victim fell asleep on the asphalt. The witness was shocked when he found the victim lying covered in blood with severe injuries to the head.

“The witness then screamed and woke his friends and then reported the incident to the police. At that time the victim was already dying,” he said.

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Based on information compiled by the police, it is known that local residents heard the sound of a motorbike at high speed at the time of the incident. Residents also heard a crash.

From there, Sukoharjo Police personnel concluded that the victim died because he was run over by a motorbike driven by a Combongan resident, Sukoharjo, who worked as odd jobs every day. The motorcyclist who allegedly hit the victim said he did not know how to run over people because he was under the influence of alcohol.

“From the suspect’s confession, he was driving a motorcycle in a drunken state,” he said.

Based on the results of the investigation, the Sukoharjo Police handed over the case to the Sukoharjo Traffic Traffic Unit.

“Because this is a traffic accident, this case is handled by Satlantas not Satreskrim. The perpetrator is charged with Article 310 paragraph 4 or Article 312 of the LAJ Law Number 22 of 2019 Criminal Code with a penalty of six years in prison,” said Wahyu.

WN who was presented at the press conference admitted that he accidentally ran over the victim because he was driving a motorbike while drunk.

“Before I was drinking and didn’t know if I hit someone. So I kept going home,” said WN.


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