Malaria Begins to Spread in East Kalimantan, Residents Asked to Be Alert

Malaria has spread in a number of areas in East Kalimantan.


The Anopheles gambiae mosquito, the vector of the malaria parasite, sucks blood when it bites.

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REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, SAMARINDA — The East Kalimantan Provincial Health Office reminded the public to always be vigilant with the potential for transmission of malaria. The reason is, this disease has spread in a number of areas of East Kalimantan.

The Head of the East Kalimantan Health Office, Dr. Jaya Mualimin said, entering early 2023 there have been 61 positive cases of malaria recorded. Jaya revealed, the distribution of positive cases of malaria was found in North Penajam Paser 2 cases, East Kutai 38 cases, Berau 2 cases, West Kutai 3 cases and Balikpapan 16 cases.

“Penajam Paser Utara is still the highest for malaria morbidity (API) at 6.44 points,” said Jaya Mualimin in Samarinda, Tuesday (7/2/2023).

He explained, API is an indicator used to determine the trend of malaria morbidity and determine the endemic of a region. According to Jaya, Malaria is a disease caused by the Plasomodium parasite which is transmitted through the bite of a female Anopheles mosquito.

The mosquito bite causes the parasite to enter, settle in the liver, and infect red blood cells. Types of Anopleles mosquitoes are often found in forest environments, while mosquitoes that are usually found in cities are usually the Aedes aegypti type which can carry dengue fever.

Jaya explained, the majority of people who indicated positive for suffering from malaria were wood craftsmen or plantation company workers.

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“The weather factor is also one of the main causes of the spread of malaria. This makes people’s bodies more susceptible to malaria,” he explained.

For this reason, the community must remain vigilant against the transmission of malaria, especially those who live or are domiciled in forest environments.

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