London Film Festival: Trial of Black Activists in Britain Dominates Opening

  • Safaa Al-Saleh
  • BBC

4 hours ago

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The director and some of his staff are on the red carpet before the opening

Two years after London Film Festival opens with its movie “Widows”British director Steve McQueen returns to be the star of the opening ceremony of the festival this year, which opened today with his new film “Mangrove”, which starts from the climate of the protest movement “Black Lives Matter” that has pervaded the United States of America, but moves it spatially and temporally to portray the struggle of blacks against discrimination And for their civil rights in Britain in the 1970s, this time.

The film is part of a series of five films directed by McQueen and produced by the BBC and will start showing on television next month, and Amazon Prime will display and distribute them in the United States.

The series, which includes five films with separate stories and characters and which McQueen is keen to describe as an anthology of racism and its resistance, is titled “Little Ax” (Little Ax), a title borrowed from the song of reggae music giant Bob Marley, which he in turn borrowed from The Like Who West Africa, in which the slave addresses the master as in the song “If you are the big tree, we are the little ax, which has been sharpened for your cutting, ready to cut you”.

The festival will also screen another film from the same series, “Lovers Rock”, (referring to the musical style known by the same name in reggae music). The two films were to be shown together at the last Cannes Film Festival, but its cancellation due to the outbreak of the Corna virus, made them share The London Film Festival which opened with the movie “Mangrove” and the New York Film Festival which opened with the second film.

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