Live-action film about Tintin / Tintin is coming!


Director Patrice Leconte is reportedly hired to direct a live-action film based on the famous Tintin adventure The Jewels of Bianca Castafiore/The Castafiore Emerald. This is reported by the French media today.

The film had been in development for a while, but a rights issue between Paramount France and the legacy of creator Hergé is holding back the shooting for the time being. Leconte has already announced that he has found actors for the roles of Captain Haddock and Bianca Castafiore, but an actor for Tintin has not yet been cast.

A comical tone
The Jewels of Bianca Castafiore is the 21st installment of the comic book series and was first published in 1963. The story takes place entirely on Haddock’s family legacy and has a tone more comical than most other Tintin stories.

It is still unclear how this live-action version will impact the intended sequel to CG animated film The Adventures of Tintin. Steven Spielberg made that film together with the producer Peter Jackson. Jackson was to direct the second film, but little progress has been made in the last nine years since the first film.

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