‘KT Genie Music’ will be installed on Tesla electric car

Tesla Model X. Photo = Provided by Autoin

[이데일리 노재웅 기자] ‘Gini Music’, a music streaming service of the company, will be installed on Tesla vehicles.

According to a KT executive on the 14th, KT will sign a contract to apply Genie Music to Tesla vehicles during this month. In this way, you can listen to music through the vehicle infotainment system without the need to connect a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.

It is reported that this contract is related to the agreement between KT and Tesla to establish KT’s communication network with the goal of connecting car service in 2017.

This contains the contents of Tesla’s telematics implemented in Korea based on the KT 5G communication network. Telematics collects and provides two-way traffic information by introducing a communication system between vehicles and vehicles or between vehicles and infrastructure in the road traffic system.

Previously, KT applied the Genie Music streaming service to the Genesis GV70 in cooperation with Hyundai Motor Company in December last year. Genie Music can be used in a real-time streaming format through a long term evolution (LTE) network directly connected to the vehicle.

In the case of Tesla, it is expected to apply KT’s Genie Music streaming service in the vehicle through OTA (wireless update).


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