Kirma says she is a digital advertising “broker” and hires a lawyer in Uruguay for “damage to reputation”

News"/>Kirma says she is a digital advertising “broker” and hires a lawyer in Uruguay for “damage to reputation”

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A statement signed by Georgios Shipillis questions “handling of false information” about the Estonian company and provides information that was not on its website or in the proposal that it brought to the ministry

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Sept. 23, 2021, 5 a.m.

Two weeks after his name appeared on the Uruguayan news portals, the Cypriot Georgios Shipillis He came out publicly for the first time to put his name in defense of the trajectory of Kirma Services OÜ, the Estonian-based firm, of which it is the main shareholder, and to which the Ministry of Tourism made a direct purchase for US $ 280 thousand dollars that later was stopped by Banco República for contravening anti-money laundering regulations.


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