Kiev Prepares for Major Attack as Russian Forces Continue to Advance in Ukraine

Traces of destruction in Belgorod, Russia – archives

Russia and Ukraine

Kiev is preparing to launch a major attack on the areas captured by Russian forces in Ukraine

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The military operation continues in Ukraine today, Saturday, as the Russian army is trying to extend more control over Ukrainian lands, while the Kiev forces are trying to resist the Russian advance with military support from the West.

And in another field developmentsLast night, Ukrainian forces bombed Kakhovka, Novaya Kakhovka and other areas in Kherson province with 26 artillery shells.

“During the night, the Kiev regime continued to bombard civilian infrastructure in the Novaya Kakhovka, Kakhovka, Rybalchi and Gulaya Pristan regions, firing a total of 26 artillery shells,” the representative of the emergency services in the province said today, Saturday. “It is being determined whether there were casualties among the population and damage to the infrastructure,” he added.

In the context, the head of the press office of the “Sharq” group of the Russian army said that the artillery of this group destroyed a fortified stronghold of the Ukrainian forces on the direction of Zaporozhye. He added, “The self-propelled artillery crews Gyatsint struck a stronghold of the Ukrainian nationalists in Novoandrivka. A Tor missile air defense system managed to destroy a Lilika drone.”

He pointed out that the Russian army’s artillery fire destroyed two pickup trucks in the direction of Zaporozhye, and killed many Ukrainian soldiers in the Novodanilovka area, as well as a crew of mortars in the Lugovsky area. He stated that the Russian army targeted, with “Grad” rockets, a station for guiding unmanned aircraft in the Malikh-Shcherbakov area.

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And before that, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that its forces carried out a collective strike, last night, that hit hostile air defense systems that were protecting vital military infrastructure facilities in Ukraine.

And the Russian Defense said in its daily report: “Last night, the Russian Air Force carried out a group strike with high-precision, long-range weapons, targeting enemy air defense systems that protect vital sites for the military infrastructure in Ukraine.”

The head of the press center of the Southern Forces Group (YUG) announced that the southern group’s aviation targeted the command center of the 81st Brigade of Ukrainian Army aircraft in the Siversk region. He said that the special forces units of the Russian Southern Forces Group destroyed a stronghold and four groups of Ukrainian infantry.

On Friday, at least four civilians were killed and 27 others were wounded in bombing operations targeting the Russian Belgorod region bordering Ukraine, whose capital, Kiev, was hit by a wave of missile strikes for the sixth day.

For days, the Belgorod region has been targeted with unprecedented intense strikes on Russian territory since the start of the conflict in Ukraine last year.

The strikes on Belgorod have intensified in recent days, while Kiev confirms that it is preparing to launch a major attack on the areas seized by Russian forces in Ukraine.

In Ukraine, the capital, Kiev, was targeted by a new wave of explosive drones and missiles at dawn on Friday, according to the mayor of Kiev, Vitali Klitschko, stressing that no injuries were reported.

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Russia has doubled its drone and missile attacks on Kiev since the beginning of May, most of them at night, in a tactic that Ukraine condemns, considering it aims to terrorize the civilian population.

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