Kasia Kowalska breaks the silence! Shocking to hear the diagnosis

Kasia Kowalska (47) knows how fragile life is, so now the artist tries to appreciate every moment spent with her family and see the positive aspects in everything. Via Instagram, the singer confessed that a year ago she was in the hospital, where she was struggling with a serious illness!

Kasia Kowalska will remember 2020 for a long time. With the onset of the pandemic, the star’s daughter fell ill with a mysterious disease in London.

Everything indicated that Ola is infected with the coronavirus. Connected to a respirator, the star’s consolation fought for life. Fortunately, everything ended well. After some time, the artist confessed that her beloved daughter was struggling with adenovirus.

Now, through Instagram, Kowalska decided to share with Internet users a personal experience related to the disease she experienced last year. It turns out that in November 2019 the singer was hospitalized because she fell ill with sepsis!

“#imieninykatarzyny #how lucky that a year ago, instead of watching a concert by The National, I was hospitalized with sepsis.

Despite difficult experiences, Kasia is now trying to see the positive sides of what happened to her. The artist was lucky to be correctly diagnosed in time. Untreated sepsis can even lead to death or serious complications.

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