Jean-Pascal Lacoste, his new recruit has been boosted by …

Things are moving on C8! While this May 18, Cyril Hanouna successfully launched the box game “Take it or leave it” on the channel, the troublemaker of the paf also welcomed a new columnist this May 19 in “C que du kif”. Its daily broadcast, which will replace Touche not at my post until the next school year, is thus an opportunity to test Jean-Pascal Lacoste before September!

Jean-Pascal Lacoste recommended by someone close to Cyril Hanouna

Because the agitator, revealed by the first season of Star Academy, in 2001, is a promising talent. At 41, the one who has already hosted programs on TF6 and NRJ12 becomes a columnist in one of the most watched talk shows in France. And he’s impatient, as he explained this Tuesday evening. “I immediately said yes because I want to grow,” he said, looking forward to his new salary.

For Cyril Hanouna, it is also an opportunity to give a boost to the man he has been following for years. He tells indeed that in 2008, when Jean-Pascal Lacoste hosted “Les 12 coeurs”, an astro-dating show broadcast on NRJ 12, its producer, a certain Lionel Stan, had retained his name. This close friend of Cyril Hanouna is none other than the general manager of H2O productions, Baba’s production company.

He is said to be behind Jean-Pascal Lacoste’s hiring on C8. Cyril Hanouna confessed to his columnists – Jean-Michel Maire, Maxime Guény, Raymond Aabou, Isabelle Morini Bosc, as well as Kelly Vedovelli – that it was Lionel Stan who would have pushed for Jean-Pascal to join the band. “I am not the boss it is Lionel Stan” he even said.

Will he have his show on C8?

And it is with this same Lionel Stan that Cyril Hanouna is already rubbing his hands, on C8. He who assured Jean-Pascal “I found you very good at animation” and “I thought you had enormous potential” and offered to integrate his “family”. He concluded in front of his new foal: “I strongly believe in you, I am convinced that we will be able to do a lot of things with you, as a producer with you”. Should we expect a new show on the channel? Case to follow …

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