“It must be protected from itself”

After the expulsion of the journalist Alda D’Eusanio from the House of Big Brother Vip, the psychiatrist Alessandro Meluzzi invites us to consider the story from another perspective.

The experience of Alda D’Eusanio at the latest edition of Big Brother Vip ended in the worst way. The well-known journalist and columnist was literally kicked out of the reality show after the well-known shock statements on Laura Pausini and her partner Paolo Carta, which immediately triggered a lawsuit. But there is a voice out of the chorus, that of the psychiatrist Alessandro Meluzzi, who proposes another and interesting interpretation of the whole story.

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Those doubts about Alda D’Eusanio’s “lucidity”

To anticipate some very delicious excerpts of the statements issued by Alessandro Meluzzi, a New Tv is the editor of the magazine, Riccardo Signoretti, from the pages of his Instagram account, complete with the cover of the magazine in the foreground. “Shocking phrases to GF vip: Mediaset chases the journalist Alda D’Eusanio and, in a statement, writes that she ‘will have to take full responsibility for her actions’ – writes the journalist in a post -. But are we sure that she can be held completely responsible? “.

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Signoretti therefore brings up the psychiatrist Alessandro Meluzzi, who “up New on newsstands Thursday 11 February, expresses many doubts in this regard. After the accident of 2012 and the long period of coma, still today, according to the doctor, ‘D’Eusanio should be protected, even from herself. He has lost the concept of limits and common sense ‘. And the people who have felt offended by his utterances? Find out about New Meluzzi’s opinion “. Raise your hand if you are not curious to know more …

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Alessandro Meluzzi

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